Once registration closes and Winterchill is a few weeks out, you'll get an email from our team with logistics, information, and many of these FAQ's. But until then, hopefully this will answer any questions you may have at this point. 

What is Winterchill? 

Winterchill is the multi-campus winter retreat for Fellowship Student Ministries, the student ministry of Fellowship Bible Church in central Arkansas. Students leave their campus on Friday afternoon, and spend the weekend in worship services, diving into God's Word, going deep in small groups, and having a blast on the ranch. For decades, Winterchill has been a staple of FSM and we can't wait to see what God does this year.

When is Winterchill?

JUNIOR HIGH (7-8 Grade)
February 8-10

SENIOR HIGH (9-12 Grade)
February 15-17

Students meet mid-afternoon on Friday and leave for home Sunday after lunch.

What are the deadlines?

Early Registration ends January 10, and Final Registration ends January 18.

How much does it cost?

November 1 - January 10 - $200
January 12 - January 18 - $235

November 1 - January 19 - $75

What time will we leave and get back?

Leaders check in at their campus on Friday at 3:00 and students check in ready for departure at 3:30. 

Everyone should arrive back at their campus around 5:30 Sunday evening. We will have students contact parents when busses pass through Conway to confirm pick up time.

Where do we stay and how do we get there?

We stay at New Life Ranch, a Christian retreat center in Colcord, OK. Students stay in cabins with other students of the same gender and grade with at least two leaders per cabin.

On our way, we take charter busses with professional and insured drivers.

What will my student need to pack? 

Bedding (Sleeping bag or sheets & blanket), pillow, towel, warm clothes, Bible, pen, personal items, & a water bottle.

My student has special dietary needs. Who do I talk to about this?

If your student has dietary needs, please contact New Life Ranch at allergy@newliferanch.com after registering and let them know your student’s name and dietary needs.

My student will be coming back late from a game on Friday night, can he/she still go?

For Senior High Winterchill, we run one late bus. The spaces on the bus is limited. Please email Carley Brown at cbrown@fellowshiponline.com to reserve your student a spot. This is only available for SHWC.

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